“Beans” Baxter @ the Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup

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As always, I hope all is well with all of you…

I have an announcement today!  Sasquatch Tracker Associate Larry “Beans” Baxter of the Kenia Bigfoot Research Group will be attending as well as presenting at the 2018 Spokane Valley Sasquatch Roundup.

Sasquatch Roundup

Image: Extreme Expeditions Northwest, LLC, 2018

The event will be December 21st and 22nd and held at the Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center in Spokane Valley, WA.  Be sure to click the hyperlink or the photo above for more details.

So how cool is that?  Sasquatch Tracker encourages everyone who is able, to attend and show their support for “Beans”!  The Spokane Valley area holds quite a few memories for me.  I spent a few years there conducting research about an hour’s drive away as a younger version of myself.

In other news: I will be attending the Tok-A-Tan Bazzar in Tok, AK on the 17th, and as always, I am inviting all to stop by the table and introduce yourselves and share your Boreal Sasquatch encounters.  Also be sure to enter for your chance to win a replica Sasquatch track casting!  (I’ll be posting more information about the bazzar soon.)

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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GILA Student Has Daytime Sighting Along Yukon River in Galena, AK…

Patch for webHello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

Winter is here.  I have snow on the ground and daytime temperatures in the low teens.  Nighttime temperatures are always below zero now and the daylight is shorter and shorter every day.

I have a new encounter to share with all of you.  This one is of particular interest because it is a daytime sighting near an established community.

At approximately 12:25 PM on October 22, 2018, a student at Galena Interior Learning Academy (in Galena, AK, N64°44’26” x W156°53’80”) was on a bus traveling to the Sidney C. Huntington High School.  The student looked out the window and saw what he thought was a man on a sand bar on the south side of the Yukon River.  Intrigued, he continued observation of the figure and suddenly realized that it was not human.  The witness described it as being all black and having a cone shaped head.  He further described it as “…the creature seemed to be squatting.”


Approximate location of daytime sighting in Galena, AK (SasquatchTracker, 2018).


Follow up investigation with the student revealed that he considered the possibility that he was looking at a log (driftwood) or some other debris because upon his initial observation, the object was stationary.   However, he was able to quickly rule that possibility out when he looked back towards the “object” and saw that it was no longer there.

Yukon River

Yukon River, Alaska (Public Domain Image, SasquatchTracker, 2018).

Further follow up discussion with the witness showed that he believed he was within 1700 feet at the time of the sighting.  (Distance was calculated via Google Earth.)  He estimated his sighting lasted an estimated 3-5 seconds. The sighting occurred on a sandbar on the northern bank of an island on the southern side of the river.  Most of the time the sandbar is under water.  When this sighting occurred, the water level in the Yukon River was low enough to expose the sandbar.

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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Call for Evidence, Encounters, etc.

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I hope all is well with everyone…

This is a call to anyone who would be willing to share any Sasquatch / Bigfoot evidence…

Occasionally, Sasquatch Tracker is contacted by other Sasquatch / Bigfoot investigators and the members of the media seeking information about various encounters in the Sasquatch Tracker database.

Line Producer Mike Parkes of Wild Dream Films (www.wild-dream.com) based in the United Kingdom is researching the possibility of a series based on strange happenings that have occurred in Alaska.  He asked for help with physical evidence surrounding Bigfoot encounters.  He is seeking audio recordings, videos, photographs, track data, hair and any other physical evidence. Anything provided would be of help to Mr. Parkes.

As many of you know, it is Sasquatch Tracker’s policy to never reveal any of your personal information to anyone outside of Sasquatch Tracker unless you give explicit permission.  If anyone has any evidence to share or would like to share their encounter with Wild Dream Films, please contact me at admin@sasquatchtracker.com and enter “Wild Dream Films” on the subject line so I can find it easier in case my system believes it is a spam message.

Godspeed, loyal readers…



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2018 Fall Research Area…

Patch for web  Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

Tomorrow I depart for my fall research area.  This year’s area is along the Taylor Highway between Tok and Eagle, Alaska as well as the Top of the World Highway from Jack Wade Junction to Boundary, Alaska.  I will be gone for almost two weeks!  You can’t beat that with a stick!!!  I have been to this area several times before so I am pretty familiar with it, yet I’m still very excited to be going back and being in the field doing some solid hands-on research…

My research objectives are to establish an observation point with favorable topographical features and environmental factors.  That’s fancy talk for a high point overlooking a suitable valley with a water and food source.  I have a couple of pieces of equipment I will be testing this fall and a new method of collecting hair samples.  I will be searching river and creek bottoms, along established game trails and the shoulders of the highway for tracks, of course!  (Yes, tracking is what a tracker does just in case you haven’t figured that one out…)

I hope to be able to conduct some interviews with the local population too.  This area is in the heart of the 40 Mile Mining District and local gold prospectors and workers are usually a good source of testimony.  Almost every miner I have talked with in the past has a tale of something big and powerful lurking about their claims as well as accounts of vandalism that would require more strength than a grizzly bear.  I have one report of rock throwing and howling that I will be following up on with a site visitation too!

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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Moose Pass Area Track Discovery

Patch for web  Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

I hope all is well…

Just a quick post to let you know of a track discovery that occured about a year ago in the Moose Pass area:

2016 / 06 / T – Moose Pass, AK.

Hiker discovers tracks on the shore of Upper Trail Lake in Moose Pass area. Reported via email, the witness described finding tracks around the 26th of September 2016 in the late afternoon. Witness stated he discovered a single left foot print 16.5 inches in length by roughly 8 to 8.5 inches in width at the ball of the foot. The track tapered down to 4.5 – 5 inches across the heel section and clear toe impressions were observed. Witness believed the track appeared “about a day old and was right next to the edge of the waterline of the lake shore.”  Witness also stated seeing the rough outlines of other tracks in the water for a distance of about 10 yards and estimated tracks were 5 – 6 feet apart. Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

Sasquatch Tracker notes:  No photograph was taken, the witness did not have a camera on his person at the time of the discovery.  Visable tracks leading into the water and spanning an estimated distance of 30 feet supports the claim of the tracks being relatively fresh.  The witness stated he could see the rough outline so there was some erosion due to movement, displacement of water as the foot struck the bottom surface or from wave action.

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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Bigfoot / Sasquatch Events…

Patch for web  Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well and that everyone is having a great summer!

So, there are a few Bigfoot / Sasquatch events coming up that I think you should know about:

August 31 – September 02: International Bigfoot Conference and Film Festival in Kennewick, WA.

September 21-22: Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Pocatello, ID.

September 28 – 29: Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference in South Bloomingville, OH.

September 28 – 29: Virginia Bigfoot Conference in Bristol, VA.

October 5 – 6: Honobia Bigfoot Organization’s Festival & Conference in Honobia, OK.

October 12 – 13: Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in Dewittville, NY.

October 19 – 20: Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, TX.

November 16 – 18: Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, WA.

Sasquatch Tracker doesn’t necessarily endorse one particular event over another.  I only mention these events as a courtesy to other researchers and enthusiasts.  If anyone knows of an event not listed here, please contact me with the details and I will publish the information.

Godspeed, loyal readers…



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Kenai Bigfoot Research Group on Facebook…

Patch for web Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

Sasquatch Tracker Associate Larry “Beans” Baxter has recently started a Facebook page for the Kenia Peninsula and surrounding areas!  (Visit Kenai Bigfoot Research now.)

Kenai Bigfoot Research Group

There has been quite a bit of activity in the Kenai area and Beans has been taking charge and conducting research and sharing his findings with Sasquatch Tracker.

Beans reported via email that through the Kenai Bigfoot page, he learned of an encounter around 2004 of a married couple who were coming back to Sterling, AK from the “Polar Bear Plunge” in Seward, AK.  (Polar Bear Plunges usually occur on January first of every year, so this is a probably a winter encounter.)

The couple reported “the headlights were on and both my husband and [I] saw a large “animal” on two feet run across the highway. We both were shocked it was definitely not a bear and walking two feet [and] way too big to be a human. When we got to where it crossed we stopped to look but didn’t see anything else. I am 100% positive it was a Bigfoot.”

The woman then went on to explain that she was going to clarify things with her husband because, “he’s better with distances and such [and] maybe [he] even would remember mile marker…”

Sasquatch Tracker recommends checking the Kenai Bigfoot Research Group page often and “liking”, “following” and showing support!   Keep up the good work Beans!

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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Sasquatch Tracker at the AK Scottish Club Highland Games…

Patch for web   Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

Some of you already know, but for those who don’t, I sort of Scottish.  Sort of.

I am the Region X Commissioner for Clan MacTavish.  It’s quite an honor to be picked for such things.  Anyway, I will be hosting the Clan MacTavish tent at the Alaska Scottish Club Highland Games this coming Saturday, June 30th.  The Games have certainly grown over the years and are now held at the state fairgrounds in Palmer, AK.

Everyone is invited and welcome at the tent!  So if you are in the area, stop by and say hello…  Don’t worry, it is not against protocol to talk about Sasquatch while at the Highland Games.

You can find out more information here:  http://www.alaskascottish.org/highland-games

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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Sasquatch Syndicate’s May 2018 Podcast…

Patch for web  Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

In April, I was contacted by Sasquatch Syndicate’s Chuck Geveshausen for a podcast.

Here is a link to their May 2018 Podcast:  Boreal Sasquatch


Godspeed, loyal readers…

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Possible Evidence from Bottenintnin Lake, Alaska…

Patch for web   Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

More new followers!  I want to welcome all of you!

Can you believe it?  We’re in the fourth week of May already.  Spring has definitely arrived in my area.  It’s been a while since we have had frost or been below freezing at night and schools everywhere are holding graduation ceremonies.

Sasquatch Tracker Associate Larry “Beans” Baxter was recently examining the area around Bottenintnin Lake Alaska and noticed a couple of odd tree breaks in the parking area.  Bottenintnin Lake ( N60.515556  X  W150.555283) is a popular fishing area and is near Sterling, AK.

Baxter reported that there was quite a bit of human activity in the area so he is not ruling out the possibility that the observed tree breaks could have been man-made.  However, the larger tree is pretty thick and green and it’s doubtful that the damage was caused by the wind.  Baxter also reported that the second tree (to the right of the spruce tree in the photo) was pointing the same direction.  There was no definable disturbance to the ground in the vicinity of the trees.

Bottenintnin Lake Tree Breaks 1

Bottenintnin Lake Tree Breaks 2

Baxter further reported walking around to the west side of the lake, but nothing suspicious was noted.  Baxter has plans for further investigation in the area later this summer.

Thanks for sharing Beans!

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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