Dr. Bryan Sykes, 1947-2020

Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

As always, I hope all is well with each of you.

I have a bit of sad news to relay to everyone: I recently learned that noted geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes passed away on December 10, 2020.

Dr. Bryan Sykes

Sykes was born in London and as a young adult he developed an interest in the natural world and conducting experiments.  He was a good athlete and excelled at cross country running, rugby and swimming (Ferry, 2020).  

Sykes was extremely smart and very well educated.  He had degrees from Eltham College, the University of Liverpool, the University of Bristol and the well know University of Oxford.  Sykes was a very accomplished geneticist and focused on researching mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) because it remained relatively unchanged from generation to generation. In addition to research, Sykes also authored several books on mtDNA and its use to trace ancient ancestor populations (Ferry, 2020).

In the Sasquatch / Bigfoot world, Dr. Sykes was best known for his analysis of presumed Yeti and Bigfoot DNA.  Sykes concluded that the presumed Yeti samples may have been the result of a hybrid species of polar bear and a Himalayan brown bear.  He further concluded that the presumed Bigfoot samples closely resembled the genome of a paleolithic bear (Ferry, 2020).  Interesting work indeed.

Dr. Sykes was 73 years old.  Rest in peace Dr. Sykes.  We will all miss you…

Godspeed, loyal readers…

Ferry, G., 2020.  Bryan Sykes Obituary, The Guardian, US Edition, Online: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2020/dec/18/bryan-sykes-obituary (Accessed 20DEC20).

Photo: Anon, 2014.  Dr. Bryan Sykes Responds to Moneymakers’ Criticisms of Bigfoot DNA Study, Bigfoot Lunch Club, Online: http://www.bigfootlunchclub.com/2014/07/dr-bryan-sykes-responds-to-moneymakers.html (Accessed: 20DEC20).

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