Seeking Information: The Tcetin, Alaska’s Tailed People…

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I have a special request today:

I was contacted by a production company doing a special project on Alaska Mysteries.  The gentleman who contacted me was seeking information about “monkey people”.

I believe he was referring to the “Tcetin”.  The Tcetin (pronounced as che-tin) are a group of people according to Athabascan lore that have tails.  The term monkey people is a misnomer since there is no word in Athabascan for monkey.  Tcetin translates as “tailed one”.  The Tcetin are also known as Tailed Old Men (Anon, n.d.).

The Tcetin are believed to be originally from “across the ocean”.  They live in underground dwellings and are known tricksters with murderous tendencies.  The legend says that the Tcetin are at constant war with the Athabascans yet, there is no specific reason for the war.  Tcetins are always killing Athabascans (Desmond, 2016).  Obviously, the war has diminished for now.  (The idea of the Tcetin originated from across the ocean is a possible reference to early Russian or Euro fur traders / trappers who mistreated the Athabascans to the extent that they took on monster like qualities.  The Tcetin are similar to the notorious Wendigo of Canadian legend.)      

The Tcetin live in the Wrangell-St. Elias area of Alaska.   Possible range includes land as far west as Batzulnetas (near Gakona) and as far north as Tetlin (Desmond, 2016).

I don’t have any physical description other than “people” like and having tails.  However, based on that limited description, the Proto-Pigmy comes to mind.  Proto-Pigmies do have a present range in North America and do extend as far north as the interior of Alaska.  Proto-Pigmies are known to be smaller than humans, hence the pigmy moniker.  Proto-Pigmies have been described as having a mane like head of hair.  Mane like heads of hair don’t necessarily indicate tails further down the back, but I can see how some witnesses may have speculated the tail being present after seeing the hair.

So, anyone having any information about the Tcetin is encouraged to contact me.  As always, your privacy is paramount and any personal identifiers are deleted from encounters.  I occasionally share information with other researchers but I maintain a strict policy of not releasing witness names until I have written confirmation.

Godspeed, loyal readers… Patch for web



Anon, N.D.   Legendary Native American Figures: Monkey People (Cet’aenn, Tcetin),  Online:  Accessed: 18FEB2020.

Desmond, J.  2016.  Tcetin, The Tailed People in Alaska Paranormal Network Quarterly, Vol. 2, Issue 2. June, 2016.  Alaska Paranormal Network, Fairbanks, AK.

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I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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1 Response to Seeking Information: The Tcetin, Alaska’s Tailed People…

  1. Interesting inquiry. To me, with the exception of having a tail, sounds like what the Inupiaq know as Iñukuns (enukins). Small human-like creatures who are fast and super strong. They are found more in the areas of Kotzebue and Point Hope, or at least are believed to only reside in that region.
    Another one I have heard of, which is found across a wider swath of North America, with a few alleged sightings in Alaska is the Devil Monkey. Said to be 3-5 feet in length, with some up to 7ft.

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