Vocalizations in Clam Gulch, Alaska…

Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

As always, I hope all is well with each of you…

I want to share with all of you the last encounter of 2018 to be reported to Sasquatch Tracker.  Sasquatch Tracker associate Larry “Beans” Baxter of the Kenia Bigfoot Research Group passed this along to me via email:

vocalization in clam gulchOn December 30, 2018, at approximately 17:30-17:45 hours local: A man playing with his family dogs outside makes “grunting-growling” sounds to interact with his Great Dane and has his sounds mimicked.  The man’s wife explained that he suddenly ran into the house “screaming” for a flashlight.  With flashlight in hand, he returned outside to investigate.  The woman then hears all the dogs in the area “going nuts” and asks him for an explanation.  The man tells her that while playing and making the sounds, something mimicked him exactly but “it was deeper toned and about 50-100 yards from the house!”  The woman stated, “Our Great Dane is around 155 lbs. and not afraid of anything…” but in this case, “she had her hackles up [while] sniffing the air and whining like crazy.”   The woman mentioned being familiar with moose and bears that had been on the property before, but did not think it was either, especially with …”bears in hibernation right now.”  The woman stated she was “fairly new to Alaska” and had a previous sighting in Washington State during 2008.

NOTES:  The Boreal Sasquatch ability to mimic animal and human sounds has been reported before to Sasquatch Tracker.  Clam Gulch, AK is located at N60°13’40” X W151°23’38” on the eastern shore of Cook Inlet.

In follow up email conversation,  Beans reported the witness checked the surrounding area later for tracks but didn’t find anything.  The witness admitted that she was not 100% sure that the correct area was checked (as in it was difficult to determine the exact direction of the vocalization during the evening compared to the area during daylight) but promised to contact Beans if anything further developed.

This is of particular interest to Sasquatch Tracker because I’m in what is best described as a “pre-research phase” right now.  I have been concentrating, formulating and sort of guessing about the best way to attempt a vocalization contact / interaction with a local Upper Tanana Boreal Sasquatch.  More information to follow…

Godspeed, loyal readers…   Patch for web

About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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