Moose Pass Area Track Discovery

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Just a quick post to let you know of a track discovery that occured about a year ago in the Moose Pass area:

2016 / 06 / T – Moose Pass, AK.

Hiker discovers tracks on the shore of Upper Trail Lake in Moose Pass area. Reported via email, the witness described finding tracks around the 26th of September 2016 in the late afternoon. Witness stated he discovered a single left foot print 16.5 inches in length by roughly 8 to 8.5 inches in width at the ball of the foot. The track tapered down to 4.5 – 5 inches across the heel section and clear toe impressions were observed. Witness believed the track appeared “about a day old and was right next to the edge of the waterline of the lake shore.”  Witness also stated seeing the rough outlines of other tracks in the water for a distance of about 10 yards and estimated tracks were 5 – 6 feet apart. Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.

Sasquatch Tracker notes:  No photograph was taken, the witness did not have a camera on his person at the time of the discovery.  Visable tracks leading into the water and spanning an estimated distance of 30 feet supports the claim of the tracks being relatively fresh.  The witness stated he could see the rough outline so there was some erosion due to movement, displacement of water as the foot struck the bottom surface or from wave action.

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About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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