Bigfoot / Sasquatch Events…

Patch for web  Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages!

As always, I hope all is well and that everyone is having a great summer!

So, there are a few Bigfoot / Sasquatch events coming up that I think you should know about:

August 31 – September 02: International Bigfoot Conference and Film Festival in Kennewick, WA.

September 21-22: Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in Pocatello, ID.

September 28 – 29: Hocking Hills Bigfoot Conference in South Bloomingville, OH.

September 28 – 29: Virginia Bigfoot Conference in Bristol, VA.

October 5 – 6: Honobia Bigfoot Organization’s Festival & Conference in Honobia, OK.

October 12 – 13: Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo in Dewittville, NY.

October 19 – 20: Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, TX.

November 16 – 18: Sasquatch Summit in Ocean Shores, WA.

Sasquatch Tracker doesn’t necessarily endorse one particular event over another.  I only mention these events as a courtesy to other researchers and enthusiasts.  If anyone knows of an event not listed here, please contact me with the details and I will publish the information.

Godspeed, loyal readers…




About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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