Book Review: A Field Guide To Sasquatch Structures, The 50 Most Common Types In North American Forests…

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I recently came across an interesting book entitled A Field Guide To Sasquatch Structures, The 50 Most Common Types In North American Forests by Christopher Noel and illustrated by Zoe Christiansen.  (Copyright, 2016, $11.99 via, ISBN: 9781539592136.)

This book is unique and it offers something for everyone.  New researchers or people just interested in an explanation of something they have seen in the forest will definitely benefit from the information presented.  Seasoned researchers will find this book as a valuable reference to help with field investigations.

Field Guide To Sasquatch Structures

Image via, 2018

The bulk of this book is laid out with a brief description on the left pages and an  illustration of the structure on the right pages.  Every few pages, Mr. Noel has added a few of his observations and helpful notes.  For example, Noel discusses the possibility of Sasquatch purposely hiding trail cameras that are aimed at existing structures almost as if seeking privacy as well as the possibility of bark being part of the Sasquatch diet when observing bare sticks strewn about a nest site.

The good:  There is an appropriate amount of detail in the illustrations.  I found this to be a good trait because the use of a photograph to show a particular structure can be misleading.  Yes, I realize that sounds like backward thinking because everyone would agree that a photograph of an actual structure would be far superior to a drawing.  However, since each structure can vary by numerous elements, it’s easy for people to begin to misidentify what they are encountering.  For example, people will begin to argue that they found a t-pee structure, while others will argue that they are incorrect because the structure lacks certain elements that are clearly seen in a photograph.

The bad:  My only criticism of this book is that it lacks a table of contents and an index.  The types of structures seem to be organized according to type such as tree snaps, t-pee structures, nests, weavings and a handful of other types.  But a researcher using this as a reference needs a table of contents or an index giving the page numbers where the information could be found.  I intend to create my own page tabs in order to make my use easier.

In all, it’s a good book and if you read it, you’ll find yourself saying, “Ha, I have seen that before” or “So that’s what that was on the side of the trail.”  Sasquatch Tracker recommends this one!

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