Mile 1243.6 AK Highway Track Summary

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I have concluded my investigation of the Mile 1243.6 AK Highway Tracks.  The summary follows:

On 23JUL2017, a set of tracks were discovered near Mile 1243.6 on the north side of the AK Highway.  23 tracks were discovered along with an area that appears as a “slide” or a “shuffle” of approximately five feet where individual tracks were not recognizable.  The tracks appear to be bipedal in nature and are descending a sandy southern facing slope that ranged between 30° at the bottom to approximately 55° at the top.

AK Highway

Mile 1243.6 AK Highway Tracks.  Photo by Witness, 2017, used by permission.

Investigative Notes: The Witness contacted Sasquatch Tracker via email on 26AUG2017 to request help in identifying the tracks and provided an attached JPEG file that was taken on 23JUL2017 at 1210 P.M. using a Panasonic DMC-G5 camera.  The image was promptly tested using Sasquatch Tracker’s Image Authentication.  Shadow geometry proved to be correct and no cloning was detected.  Subject distance was not recorded and manipulation made it impossible to observe any fine details, however no fraud was detected.

An interview and site visitation were conducted on 04SEP2017.  During the interview, it was discovered that there was a second witness.

Witness I described the tracks as being 12-14 inches in length and further described the pitch from left to right as being uneven.  Reference was made to the photograph and Witness I agreed that the right tracks were closer to alignment with the direction of travel than the left tracks and demonstrated foot placement with insteps being approximately 50 degrees apart.  After studying the photograph, the right tracks do indicate a pitch of approximately 15 degrees off of the direction of travel while the left tracks indicate almost twice the pitch, at approximately 30 degrees.  Witness II openly admitted to having prior medical training along with experience in tracking wildlife, and stated that it would be “anatomically difficult” for a hoaxer to maintain this type of gait.  This is only mere speculation of course since the photograph is the only available evidence.  The photograph was 6 weeks old at the time of the site visitation and there were no longer any traces or other evidence that appeared in the photograph that could be used as verification. The absence of tracks at the site was attributed to known heavy periodic rain.

Of special interest was Witness II’s interpretation of the highest most impression.  Witness II described the impression as being a “butt print”.  Since the distance to the highest impression from the top edge of the dune was determined to be approximately five feet (according to both Witnesses) it was speculated that the maker had leapt  from the edge of the dune with its feet striking below the highest impression and in so doing, had fallen backwards upon its buttocks.  There are no visible marks in the photograph indicating the maker had used its hands or arms to right itself, however the steepness of the slope (55° at the impression) suggests it probably wasn’t necessary.

Butt Print

Photo by Witness, 2017, used by permission.  Adapted by Sasquatch Tracker, 2017.

The area directly above the dune was inspected and there was a small game trail present.  However, there was no evidence that a large bipedal being had traversed the area.  The area directly below the tracks and the edge of the pavement is sand mixed with rock from the shoulder of the road and is spotted with vegetation.  (This area is not visible in the photograph.)  A scan of this area revealed no evidence as well.

It is difficult to make an assessment due to the length of time from time of discovery to the site visitation.  However, when the area’s prior history of encounters is considered along with the testimony of both witnesses and the accompanying image, my conclusion is that this can be attributed to a Boreal Sasquatch.

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About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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  1. Doug says:

    A very interesting track set, & good job analyzing them! Doug


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