Meier’s Lake Roadhouse

Hello Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

As always, I hope all is well with all of you.

I am dedicating this week’s post to my uncle:

Thomas Blair Frazier

“Uncle Blair” was my late mother’s brother. He was a great man who inspired me at a young age and he will be missed by many.

Many summers ago (I am guessing around 1971, 72 or even 73) during one of my multi-day summer vacation visits with my cousins, I “became aware” that we were not alone in the woods. My uncle’s home was near a creek and being young boys, my male cousins and I spent countless hours at the water’s edge doing our best to hunt water moccasins. Yep, water moccasins, the semi-aquatic venomous snake also known as a cottonmouth that could have probably easily killed anyone of us had we been bitten. It wasn’t the safest thing for boys to be doing but then those were the days before we wore seat belts and we somehow managed to survive. Snake hunting usually degenerated into having rock throwing contests to see who could make the biggest splash in the creek.

Then it happened. One afternoon, there was a scream that sounded like a “werewolf fighting a monster” from across the creek. We immediately froze in fear. A heartbeat or two later, a rock that looked like the size of a football was thrown in our direction from the trees on the other side of the water. It landed mid-creek and I remember water splashing in my face. Of course my cousins and I wasted no time in running home. We feared for our lives. We told my uncle about what had happened and he replied, “Sounds like you boys found the Wildman”.

I was intrigued.  Now, some 44 years later, I remain intrigued. Thanks Uncle Blair and rest in peace.

So, I was contacted via telephone last week by a man who said he learned about the Sasquatch Tracker via an archived interview I had done a few years ago. How cool is that?!! My opinions were actually recorded and set aside for someone to listen in the future and then someone actually found the interview and did listen to it!!! Okay, enough about my ego boosting event. The caller provided some very interesting information about a handful of ongoing encounters at and near the Meier’s Lake Roadhouse.

 To get everyone oriented here, the Meier’s Lake Roadhouse was established in 1906 by Charles Meier near a small lake (hence the name) alongside the original Fairbanks – Chitna Trail. A fire destroyed the original roadhouse and a new roadhouse was constructed across the former trail that became the Richardson Highway at mile 170 just south of Paxson, AK.

 So, as the details of the encounters were relayed to me, I realized I knew about these encounters. I asked the man if he had reported this information to me before via email and he claimed that he had never contacted me prior to this conversation. After some discussion, we both concluded that the information he was providing to me may have come from the original witness who the caller knew and that the original witness contacted me in 2015. We just aren’t sure, however the information was collaborating and supportive of what was originally reported. Further investigation is forthcoming.

 Godspeed, loyal readers…

About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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