Sasquatch Tribe Living in Mountains North of AK Highway

Hello Again Sasquatch Fans…

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Okay…  Let me tell you about another recent report:

Some second hand information was received that there is a “tribe” of Sasquatch that lives in the mountains along the Taylor Highway between Tok and Chicken, AK.  Details are sketchy because the person reporting the information could not provide the originator’s contact information.  As you are probably aware, no contact information means verification becomes more difficult.

The originator stated to the person that “they (the Sasquatch) should be left alone because they are dangerous.”  There was no indication of why the danger existed, nor was there any information of prior interaction that would lead one to believe there was a danger.  However one thing does come to mind that may give credibility to this: there was, and continues to be, gold mining activity in this region.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and remember to boycott Black Friday…

Godspeed loyal readers…


About Sasquatch Tracker

I am a private and independent researcher currently concentrating my search for Sasquatch and Marked Hominids in the northern frontier of Alaska. The primary focus of my research, field investigation and expeditions are in the interior of Alaska and the border area of the Yukon Territory.
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