Mid-Summer Encounter in the Copper Center Area…

Patch for webHello again Sasquatch Fans of all ages!  I hope all is well with you…

I have a mid-summer encounter to share with you:

A witness living close to Copper Center, AK contacted Sasquatch Tracker via email and reported that “…At 11 pm on the 24th of July, 2016, I was on my way home when I began to drive down our road when my high beams (headlights) highlighted something about 30 feet from the front of my car. It stood at about 6 and a half feet tall, all black. As I approached it, [while still in the vehicle] it took off into the woods – bipedal, arms swinging and lunging forward at an incredible speed and surprising amount of grace. It went back into the woods and disappeared.”

INVESTIGATIVE NOTES:  Follow up questions revealed no further sightings, but the witness stated her animals were “…terrified of something.”  The witness explained that “…My horses have experienced bear, coyotes, wolves, you name it – they’ve handled it.  But this was entirely different.”  The area surrounding Copper Center (N 61°57’55’ X W 145°19’6’) is a boreal environment that offers abundant food sources including big game and non-game animals, birds, fish and various forms of vegetation. This area would positively support one or more Boreal Sasquatch or Marked Hominids.

This will be added to the ever growing database of Alaska encounters on the main website.

Godspeed, loyal readers…


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Happy Labor Day from Sasquatch Tracker…

Patch for webHello Sasquatch Fans of all Ages…  I hope all is well with each of you…

I have a couple of new encounters in the process of investigation.  Both encounters are sightings.  One event occurred near Talkeetna involving a moose hunter.  The other event occurred on July 24th near Mile 94 of the Richardson Highway in Copper Center.  Stay tuned.

Hunting season is upon us here in Alaska.  Hunters, please keep your eyes and ears open.  If you encounter anything out of the ordinary, please contact me at admin@sasquatchtracker.com .


Labor Day

It’s Labor Day Weekend!  Sasquatch Tracker wishes everyone a fun and safe holiday!  Go to the neighborhood BBQ and enjoy the burgers and hot dogs.  Have a good time.

If you are one of the unfortunate people that is stuck working on the holiday, be sure make up for it on your next day off.  Remember, you can BBQ any day of the year and enjoy it.

What?  Not working and have no interest in a BBQ?   Take a nice long hike some place where you have not explored and be on the lookout for our favorite forest dwelling buddy.

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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Hunting Season is Here…

Patch for webHello again Sasquatch fans of all ages… I hope all is well with all of you.

It is now hunting season in most northern locations and I want to remind all hunters to be extra vigilant.

When looking for signs of game, be observant of possible signs of Boreal Sasquatch.  Be on the lookout for tracks, unexplained broken trees or structures that look like shelters, tree rubs and scrapes that can’t be attributed to common animals and any other type of sign that is out of the ordinary.

Most hunters I know carry a GPS unit to keep track of where they are and pack cameras to record their hunt.  Use these tools to record any discoveries or encounters.  If you take photos of a particular piece of possible evidence, be sure to have something in the photo that shows the scale.  A kid’s plastic ruler cut down to six inches would be excellent to use.  Light weight and easy to pack plus they are probably on sale right now since most retailers are having “back to school” sales.

I want to remind you to also be alert when the hunt is over.  There are a handful of encounters in the Sasquatch Tracker database that describe events where a Sasquatch made off with part of a moose or a caribou that hunters were not able to pack out in one trip.  Viscera would make an excellent source of protein that would require little effort for bears, coyotes, wolves and of course Boreal Sasquatch.

I wish everyone a safe and successful hunting season!    Godspeed loyal readers…

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Sasquatch Tracker Associate Relocates…

Patch for webHello Sasquatch Fans of all Ages… I hope all is well with each of you…


Sasquatch Tracker Associate Doug Shepherd has moved to Oregon!

Doug contacted me out of the blue just over a year ago and we have been discussing all things Sasquatch since then.

After a few emails, Doug told me about his plans for some independent research in the Cordova, AK area. I readily agreed that he had selected a prime location and Doug agreed to share the research results with Sasquatch Tracker. (See 2015/05/O – Cordova, AK for Doug’s results.)

After several emails discussing various research methods and ideas, and reviewing the information regarding the incident in Cordova that he forwarded to me, I knew Doug was serious about research. Doug eagerly volunteered and assisted me with a handful of projects including conducting field interviews, follow-up investigations and chasing down a few leads on tracks and castings. Doug even conducted an expedition with a witness at a remote cabin! Doug was also one of my field testers for the Evidence Collection Kit and contributed some valuable feedback.

Doug told me he is relocating near some recent Sasquatch activity and intends to keep up with his personal research. Sasquatch Tracker wishes him the best of luck and I anticipate hearing about his activities…

Thank you for all you have done, brother… Your assistance is going to be missed!

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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New Shirt Design Added…

Patch for web

Hello Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

Due to popular demand I have added a new t-shirt design with an election theme:

SAS overlap


As always, thank you for your support…  Godspeed loyal readers…

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Summer 2016 Update…

Patch for web

Hello again Sasquatch fans of all ages… I hope all is well with all of you!

I think everyone should pretty much know by now that Donald Trump did not pick me as his vice president and running mate… He never requested me to visit him nor did he ever come to visit me. Scoff and laugh out loud if you choose, but it really means he has seen my resume and has decided to save my talent and experience to serve as the Commissioner of a Secret Sasquatch Task Force.

Alright, all kidding aside. Let’s get caught up. This spring I mentioned that I had a few areas picked out that I intended to actively research. One area has been particularly productive with tiny stacks of pea sized stones being left in exchange for “cat’s eye” marbles. There has been one stack of stones for each marble that has been taken which demonstrates something a bit smarter than the average bear is involved. To me, it showed an abstract thought process of assigning value to each marble instead of the collection of marbles. Yep, kind of cool!!!

In addition to the marbles being exchanged, there have been several signs of advanced manual dexterity involving the removal of colored beads from a strand of parachute cord. The beads have been cracked or split into equal halves and have then been arranged by color. This doesn’t necessarily prove the absence of color blindness by the particular individual, but it does show me that the individual can at least discern different tones or hues. I am not sure how this ties in or relates to the possibility of enhanced night vision like common predators have. Research continues…

Incidentally, it was one year ago today that my family and I had a house fire. It’s been a difficult recovery for us. For the most part, the legal issues surrounding the event are over. We are still dealing with some residual damage and an injury, but it kind of comes with the territory. I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you. Your ongoing support and prayers have seen us through.

Stay tuned. Godspeed loyal readers…

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Happy Mother’s Day…

Patch for webIn recognition of the significance of motherhood, the importance of maternal bonds, as well as the influence mothers everywhere have, Sasquatch Tracker wishes all mothers, human and Sasquatch alike, a

Happy Mother’s Day!

April is history. I took the month off from posting to concentrate on finishing a few things as well as getting caught up on some ongoing projects. I spent most of the month conducting a handful of follow up investigations. I also made some progress on my personal research projects.

In mid-April, I made another whirlwind trip to Portland, Oregon. From Fairbanks to Portland and back in just under 19 hours plus the five hours of driving time just to get to Fairbanks was a true test of mental and physical toughness. Of course I survived, I’m the Sasquatch Tracker… (Yep, I know, I really should check the ego…)

As always, there’s more to come… Godspeed, loyal readers…

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Historical Bad Boys update and Spring News

Patch for webHello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Historical Bad Boys series so far! I have a few more chapters in the planning stages right now and will eventually release them as I complete them.

Some other news you need to know about:

The revised guide to the Evidence Collection Kit took a bit longer than anticipated, but it is ready for distribution!

If you ordered a kit from me, contact me at admin@sasquatchtracker.com and enter “ECK Guide” on the subject line. It’s in “PDF” form so I can send it via email shortly after you respond.

What???? You didn’t order a kit??? Don’t fret, there are still a few kits left! Order your kit here.

ECK - Evidence Collection Kit.

ECK – Evidence Collection Kit.

There have been numerous questions coming in about how to properly document evidence and more specifically, exactly how to record and handle tracks. If anyone else is interested in learning about this, please respond in the “comments” section. Be sure to list what you specifically want to learn about. If there is enough interest, I’ll put something together and post it.

Thanks to all who have ordered shirts! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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More Historical Bad Boys: The Nunivak Island Beast Terrorizes Hunters

Patch for web

Hello again Sasquatch Fans of All Ages…

Welcome to Chapter Seven of Sasquatch Tracker’s Historical Bad Boys. We’re still studying violent encounters that various people from around the great state of Alaska have had with wild men. If you’re just joining us, be sure to use the archives links in the right margin and read up on what we have covered so far…

This encounter appeared in the Delta Discovery in 2013. It happened sometime during the 1930s. It’s a story of a group of hunters who sought shelter in an old house and had a hostile visitor during the night. Let’s take a look.

One winter day, teenager Fred Weston Sr. (born in 1915) from Nash Harbor and two

Nunivak Island, AK. (Created by Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.)

Nunivak Island, AK. (Created by Sasquatch Tracker, 2016.)

others, decided to go hunting on the west side of Nunivak Island (Lincoln, 2013). Nunivak Island is the second largest island in the Bering Sea and a tad north and a bit west of Kuskokwim Bay. (Go to N60°00’00’ and W166°33’00’ and you would just about be in the center of the island.) Nunivak Island is part of the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge and is separated from the rest of Alaska by the Etolin Strait.

The trio were hunting and traveling by dog team. Nunivak Island is the home to “musk oxen and reindeer” (Lincoln, 2013) but we don’t know for sure what the men were looking for. After a day’s travel, they decided it was time to quit for the day. They sought shelter in an old and abandoned sod house that was located at an old fish camp (Lincoln, 2013). There is really nothing unusual about doing this sort of thing. Winter temperatures can be life threatening and using existing shelters makes things just that much more bearable. Sod houses in use at fishing camps and hunting camps are usually small and have small entrances (Lincoln, 2013).

Old Sod House chosen as representation of area architecture. Photo by Betty Bodfish, citation below.

Old Sod House chosen as representation of area architecture. Photo by Betty Bodfish, citation below.

The men tended their dogs and their gear and then settled into the sod house. The Northern Lights were more than likely dancing across the sky and the men had eaten their dinner. They were tired after the many miles they had come and were ready for sleep.

Then it happened… The dogs outside began to grow restless. Something was approaching the sod house where the men were bedded down. The dogs began to bark. The barking grew louder and louder and it was not a friendly or happy kind of bark. The dogs were afraid. Their shrieks and howls alerted the men and they were probably growing very concerned about what was going on beyond the door to their sod house.

Suddenly “someone or something” was pounding on the door (Lincoln, 2013). Whatever it was, it knew the men were in the sod house and it intended to come in. Was it curious? I doubt it. Trying to rip the door from the house is not something a curious creature does. It wasn’t reported, but I can imagine this thing heaving itself against the door as it howled in agonizing protest at the men. The men had to be gripped in fear at this point but they still had enough sense left about them that they grabbed their hunting rifles and prepared to shoot whatever it was if it succeeded in tearing down the door.

Then it was over as quickly as it had begun. If the door would have been a living thing, it would have sighed in relief. Whatever it was, it was just too big to get in and it gave up the attack (Lincoln, 2013). The dogs stopped their fearful barking and settled down. The trio went to the door and slowly peered out not knowing what they were going to see. As their eyes probably became accustomed to the inky cloak of the darkness beyond the sod house they saw …”a tall, silvery-colored creature walking upright” in the distance (Lincoln, 2013). The creature grew smaller with each step and eventually disappeared as it walked behind a nearby hill.

There you have it. As with the other men mentioned in previous chapters, I consider the men lucky. Things could have turned very ugly in a matter of a few heartbeats if the Nunivak Island Beast had been able to gain entry to the sod house.

Of course, as a Boreal Sasquatch / Marked Hominid investigator, I have a few questions:

Is the “silvery-color” the creature’s true color or did it appear that way in the Arctic moonlight as it departed the scene of the assault? Does “silver” colored hair indicate age as it would in humans? Were there areas of other colored hair on its body indicating that it was a true Marked Hominid?

Were the dogs harmed? Other reports of Boreal Sasquatch indicate that they can hardly stand dogs and will kill them if given the chance. A sled dog tied to a stake for the night would have been easy enough to dispatch.

What did the trio possibly do that triggered the assault? Was this a result of “trespassing” in some unknown territory? Did the Nunivak Island Beast feel threatened or was it protecting others?

Of course, we will probably never know the answers and considering that this encounter took place at least 75 to 80 years ago, it’s doubtful that we ever know exactly what occurred that fateful night. However, descendants of the Nunivak Island Beast still roam the area. Like all of the other wild men we have learned about, reports of tracks being discovered and occasional sightings continue to trickle in to Sasquatch Tracker.

Godspeed, loyal readers…



Lincoln, K. 2013. Nunivak Island Bigfoot in The Delta Discovery, Online: June 19, 2013. , Online: http://www.deltadiscovery.com/story/2013/06/19/hairy-man/nunivak-island-bigfoot/1276.html (Accessed: 23MAR206).

Bodfish, B.  N.D.  Old Sod House Built by our Ancestors.  Online: http://www.alaska.org/photo-contest/anchorage-airport/entry-betty-bodfish-wainwright-alaska-old-sod-house-made-by-our-ancestors  (Accessed 24Mar2016).

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The Shirts are Here!

The long awaited t-shirts and sweatshirts are now available!

Many of you loyal Sasquatch Fans have asked, and even begged me for shirts with the Oval Sasquatch Logo

I shall not disappoint!

AK Car Copperhttp://www.cafepress.com/SasquatchTracker

Enjoy the special Spring 2016 Copper Oval edition!  The standard black and white is also available just in case you aren’t full blown crazy enough for color!

Other designs will be made available soon…


I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and contributions.  Yep, that includes the grump who sent me the “hate mail” telling me I was wasting my time!

   Loyal Fans like you (and grumps everywhere) are what makes the website and blog possible and successful! 

Godspeed, loyal readers…

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